Sunday, June 6, 2010

Resort Paintings

What better way to give yourself the resort feel but to have a painting that compliments your tropical gardens outside and furnishings inside your house or holiday apartment.

There are constantly changing fashions in redecorating hotels and resorts and of course the design is also decided by the Owner/Managers tastes and the feeling they are trying to convey to their guests and visitors.

10 Years ago, the fashion was for bright florals, especially in Noosa where we lived before Norfolk Island.

Then there is the beachy theme which is a bit more timeless as the colours are present in nature, seascapes and shells are calming and happy as they remind us of summer holidays by the beach.



For the past few years, most redecorating themes have been neutral and minimalistic, those that chose a colour other than white often used chocolate brown, latte and coffee shades or soft apple greens.

Here are some paintings that I did for holiday 'resort' Fletcher Christian Apartments on Norfolk Island.
At the time I matched the other colours in each apartment, the burgundy, country pinks and greens, the natural Norfolk Island timbers as well as the colours and flower forms in the sub tropical gardens that I enjoyed to dig and plant and create in.


Even the room number with blackboard for guests names matched.
 I love being given a challenge or something personal to work on.
When someone asks me to paint something for them, I like to see their house and get a feel for the owner's taste in decor before designing for them, this doesn't cost extra, it just gives me a job satisfaction and a more personal idea of what to design.

Here are some of my many paintings from when we lived on the Sunshine Coast before our move to Norfolk Island.


There is no right or wrong, Trends and Fashions will always change, so do what makes you happy.

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