Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Underwater Paintings

 I worked at Raw Art Gallery in Hastings street, Noosa, which was a communal artist gallery, this is where 7 artists have their artwork to display, but only work at the outdoor gallery and stall 1 day out of  7.
Your work is displayed everyday by the other artists.

 You displayed your work more prominently on your 'gallery day', but could spend the other 6 days painting, it worked quite well.

 I was chosen at the gallery from entering my work at the Noosa Regional Gallery outdoor art festivals (my first was back in 2003) and at that time I was painting mostly large colourful florals and a few underwater seascape paintings, but when I started at the gallery, several other artists were floral artists, so I moved into nearly all underwater art on large and medium canvas's.

My work has been bought and displayed all around the world from French villas to Spanish Resorts, also in  Doctors surgeries in Sydney.

I also had 3 successful exhibitions in the Noosa Library Foyer.

When we moved to Norfolk Island, I gave away most of my large underwater paintings to the public hospital to decorate the Children's rooms or to fundraise raffle etc.

I approached Bounty Divers owner James Edward about painting a wall for them, but when they moved premises to the Village on Norfolk Island, he devoted a whole wall to my artwork.

These are all available at Bounty divers in the Village, Norfolk Island
 or online at http://www.norfolkonlinenews.com/

You can contact me direct via email, CLICK HERE for any inquiries.

My Paintings are now displayed in the dining room of the Norfolk Island Leagues Club and are for sale.

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chris hobel said...

Hi Christina, nice to see you have added to your blog, I met you thru folk art years back at Noosa.
maybe we can link blogs?