Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SOUL gallery

Just over a year ago, another dream of mine became a reality. With a few other local artist friends,  I got the opportunity to open another artist run gallery similar to Raw art gallery in Noosa.

Welcome to SOUL gallery, a community and co operative gallery here on the most beautiful little floating rock in the middle of the South Pacific called Norfolk Island.

Soul gallery proudly boasts at least 12 artists and an ever changing display of locally made art, crafts, souvenirs and treasures.
We were lucky to be gifted an empty historic shop called Smithy's until we found our feet.

Here is our opening blog that we began until we all got too busy and forgot the passwords to it, so now it cannot be updated.
the official Soul blog with the forgotten password.

Here is another Post from Mary's blog about Soul
Christmas at Soul
LOvE at Soul

and Gaye's prolific blog too.
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For the most up to date information, you can like us on facebook.

SOUL gallery on facebook
Not only do we offer art, we also run workshops on demand and school holiday workshops for the kids.

Please come and visit and often too as our displays are often changing.
WE have a friendly artist on site everyday of the week and so many interesting things to look at and enjoy.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Sublime lounge café @ Mokutu and featuring the amazing food with a Norfolk flavour fusion prepared by Shari Bates is opening FRIDAY 11th MARCH.

Also launching on this same night is the art exhibition by Cristina Rose
(that's me!)

Opening night begins at 6pm.


Come and see the amazing views, tastes, sights and sounds of Norfolk Island.

Mokutu on Stockyard road, Steeles point.

Definitely worth a visit.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Photos by Cristina Rose

Celebrate your family occasions



Visiting family

Capturing memories

Anywhere on Norfolk Island

All photos put on a disc for you.


Cristina Rose phone +6723 51862

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Resort Paintings

What better way to give yourself the resort feel but to have a painting that compliments your tropical gardens outside and furnishings inside your house or holiday apartment.

There are constantly changing fashions in redecorating hotels and resorts and of course the design is also decided by the Owner/Managers tastes and the feeling they are trying to convey to their guests and visitors.

10 Years ago, the fashion was for bright florals, especially in Noosa where we lived before Norfolk Island.

Then there is the beachy theme which is a bit more timeless as the colours are present in nature, seascapes and shells are calming and happy as they remind us of summer holidays by the beach.



For the past few years, most redecorating themes have been neutral and minimalistic, those that chose a colour other than white often used chocolate brown, latte and coffee shades or soft apple greens.

Here are some paintings that I did for holiday 'resort' Fletcher Christian Apartments on Norfolk Island.
At the time I matched the other colours in each apartment, the burgundy, country pinks and greens, the natural Norfolk Island timbers as well as the colours and flower forms in the sub tropical gardens that I enjoyed to dig and plant and create in.


Even the room number with blackboard for guests names matched.
 I love being given a challenge or something personal to work on.
When someone asks me to paint something for them, I like to see their house and get a feel for the owner's taste in decor before designing for them, this doesn't cost extra, it just gives me a job satisfaction and a more personal idea of what to design.

Here are some of my many paintings from when we lived on the Sunshine Coast before our move to Norfolk Island.


There is no right or wrong, Trends and Fashions will always change, so do what makes you happy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Underwater Paintings

 I worked at Raw Art Gallery in Hastings street, Noosa, which was a communal artist gallery, this is where 7 artists have their artwork to display, but only work at the outdoor gallery and stall 1 day out of  7.
Your work is displayed everyday by the other artists.

 You displayed your work more prominently on your 'gallery day', but could spend the other 6 days painting, it worked quite well.

 I was chosen at the gallery from entering my work at the Noosa Regional Gallery outdoor art festivals (my first was back in 2003) and at that time I was painting mostly large colourful florals and a few underwater seascape paintings, but when I started at the gallery, several other artists were floral artists, so I moved into nearly all underwater art on large and medium canvas's.

My work has been bought and displayed all around the world from French villas to Spanish Resorts, also in  Doctors surgeries in Sydney.

I also had 3 successful exhibitions in the Noosa Library Foyer.

When we moved to Norfolk Island, I gave away most of my large underwater paintings to the public hospital to decorate the Children's rooms or to fundraise raffle etc.

I approached Bounty Divers owner James Edward about painting a wall for them, but when they moved premises to the Village on Norfolk Island, he devoted a whole wall to my artwork.

These are all available at Bounty divers in the Village, Norfolk Island
 or online at

You can contact me direct via email, CLICK HERE for any inquiries.

My Paintings are now displayed in the dining room of the Norfolk Island Leagues Club and are for sale.