Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kids room paintings inspired by having my own.

I have changed my style over the years, it still may be recognisable as mine, but I started wanting to decorate the world in children inspired art, especially for bedrooms & children's spaces after I had my own children.

I started working at Raw art Gallery in Noosa when Teddy was about 4 months old (I think).

My Large Florals and Underwater paintings were very successful, but for something different, I came full circle back to bears again, like when I was learning folk art & decorative painting.

One of my displays in Noosa Library's Foyer.

Goldy Sandcastle bear
Daisy Fran
From seeing these pictures, I was lucky to be asked to design a series of elephant paintings for a funky children's clothing shop in Noosa Junction called 'little lola lopp'.

Little Lola Lopp

They had set colour schemes of lime and aqua for the boys and orange and pink for the girls, I painted accordingly.

I thoroughly love being given the colours to work with or to get an idea from looking at the person's house to match their painting to their personality or surrounds.
I especially like putting special touches on paintings for children such as iridescent or metallic paint, glitter and sparkles, texture and beads etc or hiding their name on a leaf. Princess Mirabelle

Wilkes jungle
I have painted many pictures for my children's friends, there are still so many ideas that I have but yet to inspiration hasn't dried up and a large part of me refuses to grow up & do just 'serious' paintings.
So I am sure that I will be doing children's art for many years yet.
My own children are now asking where is my painting? So watch this space for their ones.
The fairy gallery!

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chris hobel said...

Hi Cristina, Love your site, you need an email address for people to buy your stuff. I found you randomly, we were involved with folk art sunshine coastn way back and met a few times around Noosa, hope you are still acting and singing, love your blog, please visit mine and become a follower http://chrishobel.blogspot.